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SEO Enables your business to be visible online by placing your website on top positions on search engine result pages. Our SEO virtual assistant in India will help you rank higher on search engines and lead relevant visitors to your website.

RankPointer creates the best SEO strategies that are aimed at giving your business an edge over the competition. This gives you more loyal customers, increased sales, and more growth for your business. The affordable SEO packages provided by our agency are used by clients from various industries across the globe.

You can save your time by hiring our SEO VA. Apart from SEO, our digital marketing virtual assistants will enhance your online presence using social media marketing, search engine marketing, etc. Clients can outsource the SEO services to our search engine optimization virtual assistant. They can provide remote assistance needed for your company.

What Makes Us Unique?

Best SEO VA in India


Our well-defined search engine optimization strategies are aimed to increase the leads and conversion rate of your business.

Reasonable Cost

The affordable price packages let small and medium-scale businesses get superior quality services at a budget-friendly cost.


Our SEO virtual assistants have many years of industry experience and they are worked for companies from different business sectors.

Customer Support

We value our clients and provide the best solutions to them. The customer support team will provide additional assistance to the clients.

Our Expert SEO Solutions Include

Top Virtual SEO Services in India

On-Page SEO

Our SEO virtual assistant will optimize the website copy, images, videos, and other on-page elements. The content writers will provide SEO-friendly content for the website. These strategies also make sure your website is providing a great user experience.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO deals with off-site ranking factors like backlinks. Our virtual SEO experts help you earn quality backlinks through proven link building strategies and content marketing. These services will increase brand awareness and brand credibility.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO improves your web presence, making it easier for search engine crawlers to index your pages and potential customers to find your content. Our virtual SEO specialists optimize the website’s technical framework and infrastructure to improve website loading speed.

Local SEO

Local SEO services are customized to make your business appear in front of relevant customers in your area. Our certified local SEO VA develops new local strategies to drive more traffic and convert more leads.

Do you need SEO virtual assistant services?We provide virtual SEO services to worldwide clients
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How We Increase Your Website Visibility?

Business owners can hire SEO virtual assistants from RankPointer to strengthen their website visibility. Depending on your budget and business requirements you can get assistance from part-time or full-time virtual assistants. The team follows different methods to rank your website higher.

  • Our SEO virtual assistant perform a website audit and keyword research
  • Make changes to the landing page for improved Google Ads campaign
  • Provide product page optimizations as part of eCommerce SEO
  • Our virtual SEO expert will provide a monthly report
FAQ About SEO Virtual Assistant in India

What is an SEO virtual assistant in India?

An SEO virtual assistant in India is a professional who provides SEO services remotely. An SEO VA will help you with website audit, keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and all other SEO tasks. Hiring them can help businesses to improve their website’s search engine ranking. This lets the business owners save time and resources.

How much does SEO virtual assistant services cost in India?

Virtual SEO services in India can provide quality work for better pricing than the USA, Australia, UAE, European countries, etc. If being cost-effective is your top priority, getting services for Indian SEO virtual assistants is a great idea. Based on your business goals and the complexity of the website the cost can be varied.

How can I hire SEO virtual assistant from India?

  • Have a clear idea about your business goals and expectation from hiring SEO VA
  • Look for an SEO virtual assistant in India with proven results
  • Explain your requirements to the experts
  • Align your budget with their services

How do I check expertise of your SEO virtual assistant in India?

There are a few ways to find an SEO VA in India. They all require some effort from the business owners.

Ask for recommendations from your professional network

Look for some recommendations for SEO virtual assistant services from your professional network. You can ask for recommendations through social media posts or directly asking to the people in your network who have worked with an SEO VA.

Look for the list of top SEO VA in India

There are many websites that list experts offering remote SEO services. Check those websites to see their pricing and ratings and choose the best one.

Read the reviews of the SEO virtual assistants in India on 3rd party sites

Reviews of expert SEO virtual assistants in India are listed on Google, Clutch, and other websites to know the expertise of different professionals. Check the type of work that was done, and the results achieved. This will help you decide whether they are suitable for your project.

What is the optimization process followed by the SEO virtual assistant in India?

Our proficient SEO VA in India follows proven methodologies to improve the SEO campaigns and deliver the best results to clients. Our top SEO campaigns are created by following the processes explained below.

  • Research: Research is the first stage in the process. In this stage, our SEO virtual assistant will collect all the information about your business, industry business objectives, potential customers, competition, etc. The experts will spend enough time thoroughly studying the data. The website audit is also part of this stage. The audit helps to understand which elements on the site need optimization. Both your website and your competitor’s website will be analyzed during the audit.
  • Optimize: The next important phase of virtual SEO services in India is optimization. Main the on-page elements are optimized to improve the website’s user experience and viability. The elements may include website content, images, titles, etc. The on-page optimizations are very important in the overall SEO campaign.
  • Content: The top Indian SEO virtual assistant services include content writing services. The team will create SEO-friendly content for the website, blog posts, guest blogs, product page descriptions, and many more. The optimized and engaging content can attract potential customers to your site. This growth in organic traffic will increase your search engine ranking.
  • Keywords: Indian SEO VA perform keyword research to identify suitable keywords for the SEO campaign. Once the keywords are selected the team will create new content and optimize the existing content using the keywords. This helps to rank your website for relevant search queries and make your site appear on top of search engine result pages.
  • Link building: This is the process of receiving links from other relevant websites to your website. The more high-quality backlinks of your website, the better will be your chances to move up your search engine rankings. The Indian virtual SEO services use cutting-edge link building strategies to improve SEO performance.
  • Testing: The contact form and call-to-action also influence the SEO ranking of a website. Therefore, our SEO VA will check these elements and optimize them. This strategy will generate leads and drive more sales.

Why choose RankPointer for your SEO virtual assistant services in India?

Outsourcing SEO services to our SEO virtual assistant in India can provide you with several benefits. Some of the main benefits are given below.

No administrative hassles

By hiring the SEO VA in India, you will be free of all kinds of administrative hassles. Our team of virtual assistants takes care of all your administrative tasks with ease including payroll, workplace rentals, and more. This helps you focus on your core business.

Pay only for the work done

Working with us for virtual assistant search engine optimization services can be very cost-effective. We provide our clients with highly flexible pricing packages in which they are expected to pay only for the completed work. There won’t be any hidden charges.

SEO VA in India offers superior quality services

Our team of SEO virtual assistants in India is always committed to providing our worldwide clients with the best quality SEO solutions. We use advanced SEO tools, technologies, and efficient methodologies to deliver quality results.

Skilled SEO virtual assistant In India

Our team comprises some of the most experienced and skilled SEO VA in India who are well-versed in the digital marketing industry. We are experienced in working with clients from various business sectors. This experience and expertise help the team to plan and execute ideal SEO strategies for every client.

How do virtual assistant SEO services in India work for my business?

Business owners must incorporate SEO into their digital marketing campaigns. Getting the best SEO virtual assistant services in India will help your business be competitive and relevant. Our services can bring many benefits to your business.

Indian SEO virtual assistants bring quality traffic

By investing in the SEO virtual assistant services in India, your business can boost online visibility and increase organic traffic to the site. The expert SEO VA in our agency can plan and implement highly targeted and customer-centric strategies. This will boost the site visibility and drive traffic of potential customers to your website.

Boosts your credibility

Typically, the customers trust the websites that appear on top of search engine result pages. So getting a higher search engine ranking using virtual search engine optimization services in India can increase the credibility of your business. We will optimize your website content and follow other effective strategies to rank your site higher on search results.

Helps to maximize your PPC campaigns

Our SEO virtual assistant in India will work with the PPC marketing team to create a better marketing strategy. The expert will optimize landing pages to improve the conversion from Google Ads and other search engine marketing methods.

Virtual SEO services in India let you stay competitive

It is most likely your competitors have invested in SEO solutions. Therefore, to stay competitive you also should get SEO services. Investing in Indian SEO virtual assistant services helps you outrank your competitors in search engine results and gain market share. You must make sure your website appears higher than your competitor’s website on search engine result pages.