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Web Maintenance

Enhance Your Website Performance and SEO Rankings

We at Rankpointer provide a wide range of website maintenance services to ensure your company website runs smoothly with great performance at all the time.

Our web development team will constantly monitor your website and will correct everything that needed to be fixed. We take the backup of the working website to restore if the site has any issue in the future.

The CMS maintenance services include the CMS platform upgrades and upgradation of plugins and themes installed on the website. This will make sure the website performance and security are top-notch. Keeping everything up-to-date with relevant information can enhance your site’s search engine ranking.

We Are Different

Site Maintenance

Competitive Price

Competitively priced services that cover all your website’s maintenance and support requirements.


The expertise and experience of our professionals in offering quality services can deliver the desired results.

Quick Response

Our customer support team will be available 24/7 and will give a quick response to your queries.

Proper Reporting

Our website maintenance and support plans are reliable and we do proper reporting to keep transparent communication.

Our Site Maintenance and Support Plans Includes

Website Maintenance Services

CMS Upgradation

To stay relevant in the digital ecosystem, your website software should be the latest version. Our CMS maintenance includes upgradation of CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Magneto, etc., and their themes and plugins.

Updating Content

We update every content on the web pages starting from the header to the images. Giving up-to-date information to customers will increase your website’s reliability. You can tell what things you need to be changed like blog posts, product listings, etc.

Website Backup & Restore

Frequently backing up your website will avoid any kind of data loss. Being prepared for any issues that may occur on your website is a nice thing. We take regular backups of your website and restore them without losing any data.

Website Hosting

Our company provides the best web server hosting for your website. Our website hosting packages are very affordable without compromising on quality and suitable for small businesses.

Are you looking for a suitable website maintenance agency?Our maintenance solutions are aimed to give the best performance to your site
website maintenance services
Special Features of Our Web Maintenance Plan

We have a capable team of proficient web developers to perform maintenance and support plans of any scale. Our complete website support packages offer the following specialties.

  • Take regular backups of your website and store them safely
  • Improve your website performance
  • Frequently check website status
  • Regularly upgrade website platform and associated plugins